Kenneth Langone

Kenneth Langone, entrepreneur and philanthropist is the founder, CEO and chairman of Invemed Associates, LLC, a New York brokerage and investment banking firm. For the year of 2003 he was honored as the Humanitarian of the Year by the Cancer Research and Treatment Fund. Langone’s dedication to cancer research through seats on the boards of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, the Children’s Oncology Society (Ronald McDonald House) and the Robin Hood Foundation makes him a more than deserving candidate for the award. His devotion to supporting cancer research has aided the greater New York area and the assisted research across the country.

He is most well known as the founder of Home Depot. Kenneth Langone started the company in 1978 in Atlanta, years after first making a name for himself by taking Ross Perot’s company, Electronic Data Systems, public. Perot and Langone forged a longtime friendship and Perot had this to say about his friend: "There is no way you'd ever get Ken Langone to do anything that was purposely wrong…I can assure you in all the time I've known him I've never seen him compromise his principles or integrity once. . . . You don't have to run when you don't have anything to hide."

With endorsements like Perot’s, Kenneth Langone’s reputation is pristine. You couldn’t ask for a better winner than Langone for the 2003 Cancer Research and Treatment Fund Humanitarian of the Year award.

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